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Criminal History Requirements

Criminal History Requirements for All New and Renewal Licensees and Registrations.



The fingerprinting subscription is TCEQ’s preferred method of receiving criminal history information and will result in a more expeditious review of your application. There is a one-time fee for fingerprinting, but once subscribed you will not need to repay the fee or get fingerprinted again, if you have a current, valid occupational license with TCEQ.

Please note that the fingerprinting subscription is agency-specific; background checks conducted for any other agency or purpose are not accepted, as fingerprint data cannot be shared between State Agencies.

If you are already subscribed to fingerprinting for an active TCEQ license, you will need to indicate that on your application, but you will not need to get fingerprinted again during any subsequent renewals or if applying for other new TCEQ licenses.

Steps to Submit Fingerprints

Step 1. Submit an Application

  • Whether you are applying for a new license or to renew an existing license, you will first need to submit an application and indicate you will be using the fingerprinting subscription.
  • Complete the online Criminal Conviction Notification form if you are submitting an electronic renewal application.
  • If you need to mail in a paper renewal application, you also need to complete the downloadable Criminal Conviction Notfication Form.
  • Do not schedule your fingerprinting appointment until you have submitted your application.

Step 2. Schedule Your Fingerprinting Appointment

  • Once you’ve submitted your application, go to to schedule your appointment, as soon as possible.
  • Click “Schedule or Manage Appointment” and provide the required information.
  • Fingerprinting locations are widely available across the state. You will be able to search for the location nearest to you.

Step 3. Get Fingerprinted

  • Bring your valid photo ID to your appointment.
  • Bring the required payment to your appointment  IdentoGO accepts credit cards, business checks, money orders, but does not accept personal checks or cash. Please note this fee is collected by IndentoGO and is separate from the application fee collected by TCEQ.
  • Please keep your receipt.
  • IdentoGO will submit your digital fingerprints to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) electronically. The results will automatically be shared with TCEQ.

Step 4. Notify TCEQ

  • Email to let us know you completed the fingerprinting to continue with the review of your application. If your application is reviewed prior to getting your fingerprints done, you will receive a deficiency letter. You can clear that deficiency by letting us know that you have completed your fingerprinting process.
  • Please include your name and the date you were fingerprinted on the email.

Step 5. Criminal History Review

  • TCEQ will review your criminal history to determine if you are eligible for a license.
  • If the criminal history review shows that you do not have a criminal history or that there are no grounds for denying the application and all other requirements for the license have been met, TCEQ will complete processing your application. For new licenses, you will be eligible to take the exam and for renewals, your license will be issued.
  • The TCEQ may request additional information if there are any convictions or deferred adjudications that may make you ineligible for a license.
  • If the TCEQ determines that there are grounds for denying your application for a license, the TCEQ will notify you in writing.

Alternative to Fingerprinting

  • If you are unable to get fingerprinted, as an alternative, you may provide your criminal history by submitting the Criminal History Online Form or the  Downloadable Criminal History Notification Form, depending on the type of application.
  • Using this option to provide criminal history information, instead of fingerprinting, may result in increased processing time.
  • Make sure to include ALL arrests, convictions, and deferred adjudications above a Class C Misdemeanor. There is no time limit on the convictions and arrests that must be reported.
  • A conviction has occurred any time that you received a court ruling of "Convicted" or "Deferred Adjudication" for an offense of which you were charged. 

License/Registrations Renewals

If renewing online, you may provide your criminal history by completing the Criminal History Online Form , with your online application.

If renewing by mail, you may provide your criminal history by using the  Downloadable Criminal History Notification Form and mail it in with your completed application.

If you are responding to a renewal deficiency letter, you must contact the staff member that issued the letter to inform him/her that you have submitted the form.

New Licenses/Registrations

You may provide your criminal history within the Occupational Licensing Electronic Application (OLEA). If you are not using OLEA, or if OLEA doesn't yet include the registration you are applying for, you can use the  Downloadable Criminal History Notification Form and mail it in with your completed application.

If you are responding to a new license or registration deficiency letter, you must contact the staff member that issued the letter to inform him/her that you have submitted the form.

Criminal History Evaluations

Individuals who believe that they may be ineligible to obtain an initial license or registration due to a conviction or deferred adjudication may request an evaluation of their criminal conviction history prior to applying for the license or registration.

Individuals that have committed crimes in the following categories, and especially those applying for a high-risk license (BPAT, CSI, Landscape Irrigation, OSSF, and WTS) are encouraged to request an evaluation before applying:

  • An offense that directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the licensed occupation (example: Fraud/Theft connected to business, negligence in occupation)
  • An offense listed in Texas Code of Criminal Procedures (CCP) 42A.054 (Murder, Injury to a child, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery)
  • A sexually violent offense, identified in CCP 62.001 .

Individuals that have no criminal history, already have a TCEQ license or registration, or for those that are not actively seeking to obtain a TCEQ Occupational license or registration are not eligible for an evaluation.

To request an evaluation, fill out the Criminal Conviction Evaluation Form and submit it to

Criminal History Review Authority and Guidelines

Occupations Code. Title 2. Chapter 53. Subchapter A - D   authorizes the TCEQ to consider criminal history, on all applicants attempting to obtain or renew a license or registration, to determine licensing eligibility. The considerations being used to determine eligibility to obtain or renew a license or registration are outlined in Consequences of Criminal Conviction for Occupational Licensing (RG-521).

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If you have any questions about the criminal history review process, please contact the licensing team at: or 512-239-6133