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New Source Review Forms for an Air Quality Standard Permit

Registration forms and instructions for New Source Review Air Quality Standard Permits.

A review of your Air Quality Standard Permit application can be obtained by using the following registration forms and instructions:

  • Registration Form for a Standard Permit
    PI-1S (TCEQ Form-10370)
    application/pdfPDF or Word
  • Registration Form for a Standard Permit-Concrete Batch Plant – required for all Concrete Batch Plant (6004) and Concrete Batch Plant with Enhanced Control (6008) registrations. Applications received on or after December 1, 2020 must use Version 2.0 and its associated patch numbers. Important: the file posted below is Version 2.0. If this version number does not match the version number listed on the Cover sheet of the workbook, please clear your browser cache or refresh your screen. PI-1S-CBP (TCEQ Form-20871) Microsoft Excel Document
  • Registration Form for a Standard Permit-Marine Loading Operations (MLO) – required for all MLO (6021) registrations. PI-1S-MLO (Version 1.0) (TCEQ Form-20917) Microsoft Excel Document

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