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What are the Historical Authorization Options for Existing, Unchanged Oil and Gas Facilities?

Links to rules, guidance and detailed information for claiming historical standard exemptions and permits by rule for oil and gas facilities.

An authorization is triggered as of the date of the start of construction. If a facility or site has not been modified, or additional facilities added, then a historical standard exemption (SE) or permit by rule (PBR) may be claimed. The TCEQ has developed a list (.xlsx) of available SEs and PBRs, typically historically used by the oil and gas industry.

Text and requirements, historical SEs, May 8, 1972–Nov 14, 1996

Text and requirements, historical PBRs, Nov. 15, 1996–Feb. 28, 2010

OGS Historical Notification

For all existing sites located in the 15 counties of the Barnett Shale formation that have been operating unregistered, but have claimed authorization under the previous oil and gas PBR or historical SEs, ePermits notification requirements apply. Fill out the Historical Notification on the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting system (STEERS) by January 1, 2015.

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