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What is the Oil and Gas Emission Calculation Spreadsheet?

Links to tools, guidance, and the history of the emissions and impacts spreadsheet for oil and gas projects statewide.

The oil and gas team has assembled an emission calculation tool for use in estimating emissions from sites involved in the production of oil and gas. The purpose of this tool is to determine compliance with PBR or standard permit emission limits. The intent is that an oil and gas production site owner/operator can determine emissions from data available at their site with as little outsourced help as possible. This tool has undergone various iterations since originally created and additional information on the various versions is available.

The team has also assembled an impacts analysis tool specifically to aid in demonstrating compliance with the emission impact tables in the new Barnett Shale area PBR requirements and standard permit (note that the impacts analysis can also be done using modeling, see below for more information). After emissions are estimated, the impact of the emissions can be assessed using this tool.

  • Oil and Gas Emissions Spreadsheet (xlsm) - This spreadsheet can be used for any site. For sites meeting the new Barnett Shale area rule requirements, emission impacts can be assessed with this spreadsheet. Only the worksheet tabs needed will be provided based on what the user selects within the spreadsheet. For example, no Barnett Shale area impacts review tabs will be provided if the user selects "No" when asked, "Are you using this to meet the new Barnett Shale area requirements?"
    Please check this website periodically for updated versions of this spreadsheet as it will constantly be refined based on user feedback.
    It is suggested that for each different site, you start out with either a newly downloaded copy or a copy you have saved and never made any edits to. Then, for each site, open that one and save it with a new name. This should ensure each use is a brand new start. It is possible for some of the formulas to be overwritten, so if you start fresh, it will ensure that the original formulas are present and everything is reset.

This spreadsheet will become the default tool for registrations including those through ePermitting, and since they are the preferred tools, their use will minimize the likelihood of questions, deficiencies, and audits for registrations. The spreadsheet is now available for use for current registrations and will continue to be updated and edited as needed.

If you have questions, please contact us:
phone: 512-239-1250
fax: 512-239-2101