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What are the Requirements for New Oil and Gas Projects Under Standard Permit and Located in Barnett Shale Counties?

Links to rules, guidance and detailed information for claiming standard permits for oil and gas projects in Barnett Shale.

All permits must be submitted online via STEERS as of February 1, 2018. Further information can be found at Guidance for STEERS.

What are the Requirements for New Oil and Gas Projects Under Standard Permit and Located in Barnett Shale Counties?

Counties in the Barnett Shale Area
Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Erath, Hill, Hood, Jack, Johnson, Montague, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant, and Wise Counties.

For all projects constructed or facilities modified on or after Apr. 1, 2011, the non-rule standard permit (a–k) applies:

  • OGS New Project Notification. For any new projects that start construction after April 1, 2011 in the 15 counties of the Barnett Shale, new State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS) (ePermits) notification and registration requirements apply. Prior to construction, a notification with basic information must be submitted.
  • OGS New Project Registration. Ninety days after submitting the OGS New Project Notification, a more detailed registration for the standard permit is required via hard copy.

How do I submit a notification or registration electronically through STEERS (ePermits)?


Use STEERS to access ePermits. If you already have a STEERS account, simply update it to include the Air New Source Review program area. Further information is at STEERS Help.

Steps to register a site or facility:

  • Determine if the site is located in one of the Barnett Shale counties (or voluntarily register) and what authorization is applicable:
    • Determining Which Authorization is Most Appropriate for Oil and Gas Operations
    • For help calculating emissions to determine which level of the PBR or Standard Permit the site is applicable to fill out the Oil and Gas Emissions Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Document
  • Submit the New Project Notification for new or existing sites in STEERS (ePermits). The notification must be done before submitting the registration.
  • Within 90 days from the start of construction or implementation of changes, submit the Standard Permit registration in hard copy to the TCEQ.
  • Within 45 days from submission of your registration, you will receive an e-mail or letter of approval or deficiency from the TCEQ.

Things to remember:

The notification must be done in the following order:

  • Fill out the application in STEERS (ePermits).
  • Sign the application electronically.
  • Pay the fee via ePay.
  • Submit notification or registration and you’re done!

Access Rights

What if you need to give access to someone else to view, sign, pay, or submit the online application?

Here are the different ways to give access or have someone give you access:

  • Give access by reference code or password
  • Give access by using their STEERS account ID or password
  • Have them give you access using your STEERS account ID or password

If STEERS (ePermits) is not available

Use of the STEERS (ePermits system) for notification, registration, and certification is strongly encouraged as it streamlines the process for both the customer and TCEQ staff. However, if the STEERS (ePermits system) is not available for more than 24 hours or not otherwise accessible, hard copies of notifications, registrations, or certifications may be submitted by first-class mail.

Contact Information

Questions about STEERS: contact support personnel at 512-239-6925 or e-mail

Questions about ePermits and Oil and Gas: contact us at 512-239-1250 or e-mail