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Air Quality Standard Permit for Sawmills

Links to information needed to claim the Air Quality Standard Permit for Sawmills.

The Air Quality Standard Permit for Sawmills is authorized under the Texas Health and Safety Code Section 382.05195Exit the TCEQ

Quick Screen

If your facility meets the conditions of this standard permit, you should be able to answer "Yes" to both of these questions:

  • Does the sawmill produce 25 million board-feet of lumber or less, in any 12-month period?
  • Are sawmill equipment and stockpiles located 150 feet from the site property line?

If the sawmill cannot meet the conditions of this standard permit, you may qualify for other permitting options. To review your options, see Types of New Source Review Authorizations.

If your facility complies with the above screening criteria:

  • Review the application/pdfstandard permit
  • If your facility complies, you may claim this standard permit.

To Claim This Standard Permit

Notify the appropriate TCEQ regional office in writing of the:

  • Facility name and owner
  • Mailing address of facility
  • Responsible contact
  • Location
  • Whether a drying kiln or boiler is at the site
  • Distance of nearest equipment or stockpile to site property line

Additional Information

Questions? We Can Help

If you have questions about this or any other Standard Permit, contact us.