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40 CFR Part 82

A listing of all subparts for 40 CFR Part 82. Each subpart has Decision Support System components specific to that portion of the regulations

Protection of Stratospheric Ozone

The following numbers indicate only if rule text and/or historic rule opinions are available for the respective subpart, and explain why flowcharts and requirement reference table (RRT) are not included.

  • " 1 " RRT and flowcharts will not be developed for general provisions or emission guidelines.
  • " 2 " RRT and flow charts will not be developed for these rules because there are less than 5 sites in Texas.
  • " 3 " RRT and flow charts will not be developed for these rules because they are sitewide requirements.
  • " 4 " RRT and flowcharts for these rules are currently in development and will be provided as they are finalized
Subparts Description
Subpart A3Exit the TCEQ Production and Consumption Controls
Subpart B3Exit the TCEQ Servicing of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners
Subpart C3Exit the TCEQ Ban on Nonessential Products Containing Class I Substances and Ban on Nonessential Products Containing or Manufactured With Class II Substances
Subpart D3Exit the TCEQ Federal Procurement
Subpart E3Exit the TCEQ The Labeling of Products Using Ozone-Depleting Substances
Subpart F3Exit the TCEQ Recycling and Emissions Reduction
Subpart G3Exit the TCEQ Significant New Alternatives Policy Program
Subpart H3Exit the TCEQ Halon Emissions Reduction
Subpart I3Exit the TCEQ Ban on Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Appliances Containing HCFCs

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