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Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) Applications

Information regarding CSAPR sources.

Application Requirements

The first form that must be submitted is to EPA. The Certificate of RepresentationExit the TCEQ (COR)

A copy of the COR is required with application to TCEQ for incorporating CSAPR requirements into a Site Operating Permit (SOP).

The required TCEQ forms are:

  • OP-SUM Table 2 (for an SOP initial issuance)
  • OP-SUMR Table 3 (for an SOP minor revision or renewal)
  • OP-REQ 1 (complete)
  • OP-CRO1 (page 2, certification by DR or ADR)
  • OP-2 (for an SOP minor revision or renewal)
  • Please read all instructions for each form before completion.

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