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Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) Applications

Information regarding CSAPR sources.

Application Requirements

The first form that must be submitted is to EPA. The Certificate of Representation (COR) is required to define the Designated Representative (DR) and Alternate Designated Representative (ADR) for each affected source.

A copy of the COR is required with the application to TCEQ for incorporating CSAPR requirements into a Site Operating Permit (SOP).

The required TCEQ forms are:

  • OP-SUM Table 2 (for an SOP initial issuance)
  • OP-SUMR Table 3 (for an SOP minor revision or renewal)
  • OP-REQ 1 (complete)
  • OP-CRO1 (page 2, certification by DR or ADR)
  • OP-2 (for an SOP minor revision or renewal)
  • Please read all instructions for each form before completion.

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