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Air Operating Permits (Title V)

Applying for a permit to operate major industrial and certain other industrial sites.

Tools for Experts: GOP Links

Tools for Experts: SOP Links

Annual Compliance Certification and Deviation Reports

Describes the annual compliance certification and deviation reports required by the Federal Operating Permit.

Decision Support System for Air Operating Permits

Look up equipment and processes in this index to determine air quality control requirements for Title V operating permits. Associated flowchart aids decision making.

Federal Operating Permit (FOP) Application Procedures and Timelines

Describes procedures to complete and submit an initial federal operating permit (FOP), to revise an existing FOP, or to renew a FOP.

General Operating Permits

Applying for a general permit to cover air issues for an industrial site. General permits have uniform conditions that cover all sites in a defined class.

Guidance for Title V Operating Permits

Regulatory guidance documents for this air permitting program.

Overview of Federal Operating Permits

Provides an overview of the Federal Operating Permit process.

Permit Types

Describes the different types of federal operating permits and their criteria.

Program Applicability

Determine if your site is subject to the federal operating permit (FOP) program.

Responsible Official and Certifications

Describes the annual compliance certification and deviation reports required by the federal operating permit.

Site Operating Permit

Applying for an operating permit customized to the emission sources within an individual site.

Title V Public Announcements and Public Notices

Reports listing all air Title V operating permit minor revisions that are in the 30-day public announcement period and all other Title V permitting projects that are in the 30-day public comment period.

Where to Submit FOP Applications and Permit-Related Documents

Describes where to submit applications and various permit-related reports.

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