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Permitting Tools and Guidance for General Operating Permits

Links to General Operating Permits Guidance, Application Forms, Administrative Forms, Potentially Applicable Requirements Forms, Unit Attribute Forms, Compliance Certification and Deviation Reporting Forms.


Permit Status

Administrative Forms

Potentially Applicable Requirements Form

  • OP-REQ1 - Application Area-Wide Applicability Determinations and General Information
  • OP-REQ3 - Applicable Requirements Summary
  • OP-MON - Monitoring Requirement

Unit Attribute Forms Specific to GOP Applications

  • OP-UA1 - Miscellaneous and Generic Unit Attributes
  • OP-UA2 - Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
  • OP-UA3 - Storage Tank/Vessel
  • OP-UA4 - Loading/Unloading Operations
  • OP-UA5 - Process Heater/Furnace
  • OP-UA6 - Boiler/Steam Generator/Steam Generating
  • OP-UA7 - Flare
  • OP-UA10 - Gas Sweetening/Sulfur Recovery Unit
  • OP-UA11 - Stationary Turbine
  • OP-UA12 - Fugitive Emission Units
  • OP-UA14 - Water Separator Unit Attributes
  • OP-UA15 - Emission Point/Stationary Vent/Distillation Operation/Process Vent
  • OP-UA44 - Municipal Solid Waste Landfill/Waste Disposal Site Attributes
  • OP-UA62 - Glycol Dehydration Unit
  • OP-UA Forms - Links to all unit attribute forms

Compliance Certification and Deviation Reporting Forms

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