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Air GOP No. 518: Air Curtain Incinerator General Operating Permit

Information and documentation pertaining to Air Curtain Incinerator General Operating Permit No. 518.

NEW GOP 518 is being renewed and revised. The public comment period is from December 4, 2020 through January 7, 2021. The public hearing is on January 5, 2021. For additional information and to review the draft revisions, go to the Announcements for Title V Operating Permits webpage.

Air Curtain Incinerator General Operating Permit

The required federal operating permit for major and minor, permanent and temporary air curtain incinerators (both fireboxes and trench burners) used for the disposal of:

  • 100 percent wood waste,
  • 100 percent clean lumber, or
  • 100 percent mixture of only wood waste and/or clean lumber.

If the terms of the General Operating Permit do not fit your operations, please contact the Air Permits Division.

Air Curtain Incinerator GOP

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