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Permitting Tools and Guidance for Site Operating Permits

Links to Site Operating Permits Guidance, Application Forms, Administrative Forms, Potentially Applicable Requirements Forms, Unit Attribute Forms, Compliance Certification and Deviation Reporting Forms.


Decision Support System

  • DSS - Links to state and federal rule text, requirement reference tables, and flowcharts.

Policy and Guidance Memos for Operating Permits

  • Memos - Links to policy and guidance memos for the Federal Operating Permit (Title V) Program.

Administrative Forms

  • OP-1 - Site Information Summary
  • OP-2 - Application for Permit Revision/Renewal
  • OP-CRO1 - Certification by Responsible Official
  • OP-CRO2 - Change of Responsible Official Information
  • OP-DEL - Delegation of Responsible Official
  • TCEQ Core Data Form - Instructions and Guidance - Customer and Regulated Entity Information for Central Registry
  • OP-SUM - Individual Unit Summary
  • OP-SUMR - Individual Unit Summary for Revisions
  • OP-ACPS - Application Compliance Plan and Schedule
  • OP-NOTIFY - Notification of Off-Permit/Operational Flexibility Action

Technical Forms

  • OP-UA Forms - Links to all unit attribute forms
  • OP-REQ1 - Application Area-Wide Applicability Determinations and General Information
  • OP-PBRSUP – Permits by Rule Supplemental Table
  • OP-REQ2 - Negative Applicable Requirement Determinations
  • OP-REQ3 - Applicable Requirements Summary
  • OP-MON - Monitoring Requirements
  • OP-AR1 - Acid Rain Permit Application
  • Major New Source Review Summary Table Word or PDF

Other Forms

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