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Permit Types

Describes the different types of federal operating permits and their criteria.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Air Permits Division has designed three (3) types of FOPs to comply with the requirements of Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 122 .

  1. Temporary Operating Permit (TOP)
  2. General Operating Permit (GOP)
  3. Site Operating Permit (SOP)

Qualification criteria and characteristics of each permit type are described in detail in 30 TAC Chapter 122 and summarized below.

Temporary Operating Permit (30 TAC Section 122.204 )

An owner/operator of a temporary source may apply for a TOP per 30 TAC Section 122.204 . A temporary source is defined as a source which changes location to another site at least once during any five year period.

A single permit may be issued authorizing similar operations by the same temporary source at multiple temporary locations. An affected unit subject to acid rain permit requirements pursuant to 40 CFR Part 72 will be permitted as a temporary source.

General Operating Permit (30 TAC Chapter 122, Subchapter F )

A General Operating Permit (GOP) provides a streamlined application and permitting process for sites that are similar in terms of operations, emission units, and applicable requirements. These GOPs provide an alternative permitting mechanism under 30 TAC Chapter 122 .

Four Oil and Gas (SIC codes 1311, 1321, 4922 and 4923) General Operating Permits GOP 511, GOP 512, GOP 513 and GOP 514 were developed according to a given counties attainment/non-attainment status. GOP 517 (SIC code 4953) for municipal solid waste landfills covers all counties in the State of Texas. GOP 518 authorizes Title V major or minor, permanent and temporary source air curtain incinerators (both fireboxes and trench burners) used for the disposal of 100 percent wood waste, 100 percent clean lumber, or 100 percent mixture of only wood waste and/or clean lumber and that are authorized by the air curtain incinerator permit by rule (GOP 518).

Sites authorized by case-by-case new source review (NSR) permits do not qualify for a GOP. To qualify for a GOP, sites need to be authorized by standard permits and/or permits-by-rule. Authorizations other than standard permits and/or permits-by-rule are considered case-by-case authorizations. Out of compliance units do not qualify for a GOP. Other qualification criteria can be found in the GOPs. Additionally, from time to time, GOPs are revised, and, every five years, GOPs are renewed. GOP permit holders or owners/operators needing, and qualifying for, GOPs may need to submit a permit application to address changes due to revision or renewal of a GOP.

Site Operating Permit (30 TAC Chapter 122 )

A Site Operating Permit (SOP) is required for any site subject to the 30 TAC Chapter 122 and which does not qualify for GOP or TOP. Any site with an affected unit as defined in 40 CFR Part 72 subject to the Acid Rain Program is required to apply for a SOP.

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