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Air GOP No. 517: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill General Operating Permit

Information and documentation pertaining to Air Municipal Solid Waste Landfill General Operating Permit No. 517.

Revised and renewed, effective February 24, 2020.

Current permit holders are required to submit an application for a new authorization to operate (ATO) no later than May 24, 2020, if any of the emission units, applicability determinations, or the basis for the applicability determinations are affected by the revisions in the renewed GOP. If the revisions in the GOP do not affect your site, a new ATO is not required.

Revisions to GOP No. 517 include: updating references due to rule amendments; correcting title references; clarifying language; changing the formatting to create consistency and clarity; clarifying that individual vents in the application require periodic monitoring; removing 40 Code of Federal Regulation Part 63, Subpart JJJJJJ from the terms; adding new permit tables; and adding a new periodic monitoring option for boilers and heaters. Please refer to the Statement of Basis for a more detailed description of the revisions to this GOP.

For additional information concerning GOP 517 ATO submittals, please call 512-239-1250.

For information regarding the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill and Transfer Station Permits by Rule under Section 106.534 , or the Standard Permit under Section 330.981, Subchapter U , refer to Air Quality Standard Permit for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills webpage.

Current Requirements and Authority

Title V Guidance Documents and Forms

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