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Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

Guidance on e-Manifest, Texas Waste Codes, using identification numbers, submitting your manifest, getting paper forms, and who to contact for assistance.

Requirements for Manifesting

Per Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 335.10Exit the TCEQ, Texas requires use of the EPA’s Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest (referred to as “manifest”) for hazardous and Class 1 wastes.

Texas regulations allow hazardous and Class 1 waste handlers the choice of using paper manifests, electronic manifests (e-manifests), or a hybrid of the two.


The EPA established a national electronic system for tracking hazardous waste shipments known as “e-Manifest” beginning on June 30, 2018. Visit the EPA’s e-Manifest webpageExit the TCEQ and frequently asked questions pageExit the TCEQ for more information about the system.

See the EPA’s fact sheets for each kind of waste handler:

How do I Submit Manifests?

The TCEQ does not require submission of a copy of the manifest. The waste generator originates the manifest, keeping a copy for his records. The remaining copies of the manifest stay with the waste throughout transit to the final destination. The transporter and disposal facility sign the manifest, and a copy is returned to the generator.

The definition of “User of the electronic manifest system” in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 260.10Exit the TCEQ may require receivers of hazardous and Class 1 wastes to submit manifests to EPA and pay fees for each manifest submitted.

Texas Waste Codes

Texas has its own 8-digit waste code that identifies each waste stream. Enter the Texas Waste Code in the blocks in Item 13 on the manifest for both hazardous and Class 1 waste. Use two of the 6 waste code blocks in Item 13 for the Texas Waste Code on paper manifests. For hazardous waste on paper manifests, enter up to 4 applicable EPA codes (e.g., D001, F001, etc.) in the remaining waste code boxes. Electronic manifests allow for the Texas Waste Code and an unlimited number of applicable EPA codes.

The formula for the Texas Waste Code is:
The 4-digit sequence number + the 3-digit form code + the 1-digit classification code.

For instance, if a registered generator uses sequence number 5555, the form code for the waste is 001, and the waste is hazardous, the Texas Waste Code would be 5555001H. The rules corresponding to this formula can be found in 30 TAC Section 335.501 – 335.521Exit the TCEQ.

See the Guidelines for the Classification and Coding of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes (TCEQ Publication RG-022)Adobe Acrobat PDF Document for more assistance with the Texas Waste Code.

Do I use the Texas Registration Numbers or EPA ID numbers?

If one or more hazardous wastes are being shipped, enter the EPA ID numbers for the generator, transporter, and receiver. If no hazardous waste is being shipped, manifests can have either:

  • the 5-digit Texas solid waste registration numbers with “TX” in front of the registration numbers (e.g. TX88888) for the generator and the transporter, and the EPA ID for the receiver, or,
  • if available, the EPA ID numbers for the generator and the transporter, and the EPA ID for the receiver.

How can I Obtain Paper Manifest Forms?

To order paper manifests, contact a registered printerExit the TCEQ. Only registered printers may print and distribute paper Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests. Contact EPA to become an approved registrant to print manifests.

Contacts for Manifesting Requirements

Contact the Registration & Reporting Section by phone at 512-239-6413 or by email at for manifesting questions about Texas requirements.

Contact EPA Region 6Exit the TCEQ for questions about e-Manifesting.