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Registration: Am I Regulated?

Registrations, certificates, and reporting for dry cleaners, petroleum storage tanks, industrial and hazardous waste (IHW), sludge transporters, used oil, medical waste and special collection routes (enclosed containers and stationary compactors).

Aggregate Production Operations (APO)
Owners or operators of quarries, sand pits, gravel pits, or other aggregate production operations (APO) in Texas must register.

Dry Cleaners
Registration requirements for dry cleaners. Links to information about the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program.

Enclosed Containers (Special Collection Routes)
Requirements for anyone who transports brush, construction waste, or demolition waste in an enclosed container or enclosed vehicle to a Type IV municipal solid waste landfill for disposal.

Industrial Hazardous Waste (IHW)
Who must register and report for the Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registration and Reporting Program?

Medical Waste
Scope of medical waste regulations in Texas. Links to information for generators, processors, transporters, and disposal facilities.

Petroleum Storage Tanks
Registering and self-certifying underground storage tanks.

Stationary Compactors (Special Collection Routes)
Requirements to be followed for waste from stationary compactors that is transported to a Type IV MSW facility in an enclosed container or enclosed vehicle.

What is the Sludge Transporter Registration Program? Do the rules apply to you?

Used Oil
What is the Used Oil Recycling Program? Do the rules apply to you?