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Dry Cleaner Registration

Registration requirements, regulations, fees, and other information for dry cleaners.

HOT The renewal period for dry cleaning registrations has begun for fiscal year 2025 (FY25). The deadline for dry cleaning registration renewal is August 1st, 2024. Visit the Dry Cleaning Drop Stations and Facilities: Am I Regulated? page for information about renewing your dry cleaning registration.

Dry Cleaning Drop Stations and Facilities: Am I Regulated?

Basic guidelines for whether a facility or drop station must register with TCEQ's Dry Cleaner Registration Program. Links to registration forms, related legislation, and related rules.

Types of Dry Cleaning Certificates

Lists the types of dry cleaner registration certificates available and links to related forms and instructions.

Dry Cleaner Fees

Information about annual registration fees and solvent fees.

Requirements for Dry Cleaning Solvent Distributors

Reporting and fee-collection requirements for dry cleaning solvent distributors. Form for reporting and submitting solvent fees.

Find Registered Dry Cleaning Facilities and Drop Stations

Search page to verify if a dry cleaner has registered with TCEQ or if a distributor should collect fees for solvent sold to a dry cleaning facility.

Dry Cleaner Program Contact Information

Contact information for the Dry Cleaner Registration and Dry Cleaner Remediation programs.

Dry Cleaners: Compliance Resources

Requirements for dry cleaning facilities that use perchloroethylene and petroleum solvents.