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Used Oil: Collection

Basic requirements for Used Oil and Used Oil Filter Collection Centers

A used oil collection center (UOCC) is any facility that accepts, stores, and manages used oil collected from generators who bring in shipments of less than 55 gallons. Collection centers may also accept used oil from household do-it-yourselfers in quantities of less than five gallons.

If you operate a UOCC, you must register with the TCEQ within 30 days of operation. To register, complete the Registration for Used Oil Collection Centers Form (TCEQ-00533). ( Instructions)

UOCCs must report the amount of used oil collected during each calendar year. You must renew your UOCC registration by January 25 of odd numbered years. As a courtesy, the TCEQ sends all registrants a pre-printed reporting/renewal form by December 1. Submit the pre-printed form or the Annual Reporting Form for Used Oil Collection Centers (TCEQ-00567) to the TCEQ by January 25 of each year following the calendar year reporting period. Contact the TCEQ if you do not receive your renewal form by January 1 of odd numbered years. If you do not receive the renewal form, you are still responsible for renewing your registration by January 25.

The first sale of new automotive oil is subject to a fee collected by the Comptroller of Public Accounts .  To be eligible for the fee exemption on the sale of new automotive oil, a facility must be registered with the TCEQ as a UOCC, collect used oil from household do-it-yourselfers, and provide automotive oil sales and service to the public. See Organizing a Household Waste Collection Program for information about one-time household waste oil collection programs.

A used oil filter collection center (UOFCC) is a facility that accepts, stores, and manages used oil filters collected from do-it-yourselfers. The UOFCCs should remove the free flowing oil from the filters they collect to the greatest extent feasible. UOFCCs do not have to register or report their UOF activities to the TCEQ. TCEQ encourages voluntary UOFCC to help do-it-yourselfers recycle their used oil filters.