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Stormwater Discharges from Small Construction Activities: Site Notice Steps

Regulations for small construction sites---those that disturb at least 1 but less than 5 acres---under Construction General Permit TXR150000.

The Construction General Permit (TXR150000) is for construction activities disturbing at least 1 but less than 5 acres or is part of a common plan of development disturbing at least 1 but less than 5 acres.

You will need to follow these steps to discharge stormwater from a small construction site to any surface water in the state:

  1. Review your facility's compliance history ranking:

      • If your facility is new or has a ranking of "high" or "satisfactory," continue to Step 2.
      • If it is "unsatisfactory," then your facility is not eligible for coverage under a general permit. You must apply for an individual permit instead.
  2. Read the Construction General Permit (TXR150000) to make sure it applies to your situation.
  3. Adhere to the requirements of the Construction General Permit (TXR150000).
  4. Prepare and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3). For more details, see Part III of General Permit. SWP3 templates are available on the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Webpage.
  5. Before starting construction, post a copy of the Site Notice at the construction site. Leave the notice posted until construction is completed. Site notice forms are available on the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Webpage
  6. At least two days prior to commencing construction activities, submit a copy of the signed Construction Site Notice to the operator of any MS4 receiving the discharge.

This general permit requires the operator to provide a copy of the Construction Site Notice to the MS4 operator, regardless of whether the MS4 is regulated by TCEQ or not.

  • TCEQ has information for regulated MS4s including mailing addresses that may be used for notification purposes. Contact information for TCEQ MS4 permit authorizations may be obtained from Central Registry
  • TCEQ does not maintain information on MS4s that are not regulated. Construction site operators should contact the nearest city, county, or drainage district to their project to identify the MS4 receiving their discharge. Operators may find the appropriate MS4 by reviewing the water and sewer provider information for the site or other similar resources. Many MS4s maintain webpages that provide contact information for this purpose.

As long as you meet the conditions of this general permit, you are authorized to discharge stormwater associated with a construction activity.

No notice of intent (NOI), notice of termination (NOT), or fee is required under this option—as long as the requirements of this general permit are met.

You can view some of the relevant Rules for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities.

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