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Tier II Reporting to Local Emergency Planning Committees and Fire Departments

If you file Tier II reports, these resources can help you find out to whom you must submit copies of your report.

Where to Send Your Tier II Reports

In addition to submitting your Tier II reports using the Tier II reporting application in STEERS you are also required to submit exported copies to your local emergency planning committee (LEPC) and local fire department.

  • LEPCs Contacts- Find your county LEPC on this list. Contact them to find out the report format they require if that is not included in the list.
  • Texas Fire Connect Portal Find current contact information for fire departments.
  • Requesting Tier II Reports & Records Learn how to find copies of your Tier II reports dated before 2018. You should be able to find any report you submitted after that reporting year in the STEERS reporting system. Requests for reports must come from the company; we cannot provide reports to third parties or consultants.