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Land Reclamation Projects Using Tires

You must register with the TCEQ if you use tire pieces to fill, improve, or reclaim already excavated or disturbed land for the purpose of restoring the land to its approximate natural grade.


General Information

Your Land Reclamation Project Using Tires (LRPUT) may fill, rehabilitate, improve, or restore already excavated, deteriorated, or disturbed land, using no more than 50 percent by volume of tire pieces along with inert fill materials, to restore the land to its approximate natural grade and to prepare or reclaim the land for reuse.

Split, quarter or shred all tires used to fill land  and do not place whole tires below ground. Cover completed projects with 18 inches of clean soil.

Additional registrations may be required for transporting, processing, or storing tires for the project.

How to Apply for a LRPUT Registration

Forms to apply for a registration, or update your status or contact information:

  • Registration Application (form TCEQ-10297l)
    The owner or operator must submit this form and affidavit with a complete application, certifying that the proposed project complies with rule requirements.
  • Core Data Form (form TCEQ-10400)
    Submit a completed Core Data Form with your notification.
  • Tire Registration Status Update (form TCEQ-20588)
    Submit if your tire management methods have changed, or if your contact information has changed.


Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program if you have questions about LRPUTs.