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Wastewater System Design: Rules

Design rules for constructing or altering domestic wastewater collection systems, collection system units, wastewater treatment facilities, and treatment units. A wastewater system design must protect the public health and meet water quality standards established by the TCEQ.

Chapter 217 Design Criteria for Systems and Processes

These standards are established in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, (30 TAC), Chapter 217. (Adopted on August 28, 2008, revised December 4, 2015)

Also see Wastewater System Design: Requirements.

Note: If your facility was approved and built on or before August 27, 2008, and designed under 30 TAC Chapter 317 , follow those rules for operation and maintenance only, not for a new design.

History of Wastewater Treatment Design Criteria in Texas

The first consolidated design criteria were adopted by Texas State Department of Health in 1950. The document was revised in 1961, 1968, 1970, 1974, and 1987. The latest revisions were: