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Categorical Industrial Users: Categories and Requirements

Industrial categories and links to their wastewater pretreatment regulations, and monitoring, reporting, and record-keeping requirements.

EPA Pretreatment Categories and Standards

Categorical industrial users (CIUs) in the following table must comply with the monitoring, reporting, and record-keeping requirements for each of the categories in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations. Links will exit the TCEQ Website.

Aluminum Forming 467
Battery Manufacturing 461
Carbon Black Manufacturing (New Sources Only) 458
Centralized Waste Treatment 437
Coil Coating 465
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (New Sources Only) 412
Copper Forming 468
Electrical & Electronic Components 469
Electroplating 413
Fertilizer Manufacturing (New Sources Only) 418
Glass Manufacturing (New Sources Only) 426
Grain Mills (New Sources Only) 406
Ink Formulating (New Sources Only) 447
Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing 415
Iron & Steel Manufacturing 420
Leather Tanning & Finishing 425
Metal Finishing 433
Metal Molding & Casting 464
Nonferrous Metals Forming and Metal Powders 471
Nonferrous Metal Manufacturing 421
Oil & Gas Extraction 435
Organic Chemicals, Plastics & Synthetic Fibers 414
Paint Formulating (New Sources Only) 446
Paving & Roofing (Tars and Asphalt) 443
Petroleum Refining 419
Pesticide Chemicals 455
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing 439
Porcelain Enameling 466
Pulp, Paper & Paperboard 430
Rubber Manufacturing (New Sources Only) 428
Soap & Detergent Manufacturing (New Sources Only) 417
Steam Electric Power Generating 423
Timber Products Processing 429
Transportation Equipment Cleaning 442
Waste Combustors 444

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Monitoring Requirements

Conduct self-monitoring of wastewater discharges for the pretreatment program using 40 CFR Part 136 approved methods and amendments. Collect data with sufficient care to produce evidence admissible in enforcement and judicial actions.

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Reporting Requirements

A facility that meets the criteria of a CIU is required to comply with all federal, state, and local pretreatment requirements. To demonstrate compliance, a CIU needs to submit reports, self-monitor wastewater discharge, and maintain records.

The following types of reports are required under 40 CFR 403.12

  • baseline monitoring report (BMR) - must be submitted 90 days prior to discharge

  • 90-day compliance report (to verify compliance with categorical pretreatment standards) - must be submitted 90 days after discharge begins

  • periodic compliance report (at least once every six months)

Others may include:

  • compliance schedules and reports

  • notification of potential problems, including slug loading

  • notification of process or pretreatment changes

  • notification of hazardous waste discharges

  • pollutant management plans

  • certifications

  • toxic organic management plans

Reporting Requirements for Categorical Industrial Users Discharging to Publicly Owned Treatment Works without an Approved Pretreatment Program Adobe Acrobat PDF Document(TCEQ publication RG-401/04)

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Record-Keeping Requirements

Your CIU must retain monitoring records and reports for at least three years, or longer if there is pending litigation. The records need to be available to federal, state, and local government agencies for review and copying. Periodically, the Control Authority may inspect your facility for compliance with pretreatment regulations, including record keeping.

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Where do I Submit the Reports?

Submit the required reports to the agency responsible for regulating the CIU’s wastewater discharges into the POTW.

  • If the POTW has an approved pretreatment program, the CIU is required to submit reports to the local POTW.

  • If the POTW does not have an approved pretreatment program, the CIU is required to report to the TCEQ Pretreatment Program.

    • Through a local ordinance or some other control mechanism, a POTW may also require that the CIU sends a copy of each report to them.

Contact the Pretreatment program if you have questions.

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