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South Texas Watermaster Advisory Committee

Explanation of the South Texas Watermaster Advisory Committee.

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The advisory committee:

  1. makes recommendations regarding activities of benefit to the holders of water rights;
  2. reviews and comments on the annual budget of the watermaster program;
  3. performs other advisory duties as requested by TCEQ regarding watermaster operations;
  4. considers requests by water right holders that may provide benefits to the administration of the program.


Current WAC Membership

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Meetings & Agendas

The most recent meeting was held on 7/21/2020.


    The minutes from the previous meeting are approved at the following meeting:

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    This advisory committee was established by Section 11.3261 of the Texas Water Code in January 1998.

    Contact Information

    If you need more information about the watermaster programs or advisory committees:

    TCEQ Watermaster Section
    P.O. Box 13087
    Austin, TX 78711-3087
    (512) 239-4600