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Pending Water Rights Applications at Public Notice

Materials associated with pending water rights applications that are currently in the public notice period.

In accordance with rules and statutes, some water rights applications require a public notice period. When applications are in the public notice period, files will be provided in a table below. You will find separate PDF files for each application currently at notice.

      • In the Received by TCEQ column is the original application.
      • The Admin. Complete column includes:
        • Any requests for information (RFI) and responses to requests.
        • Additional information submitted by the applicant.
        • The letter notifying the applicant that the application is administratively complete.
      • The file in the Notice Period End column includes:
        • Any technical RFIs and responses.
        • Technical memos.
        • The proposed draft permit.

For additional information about applications, please contact the Water Rights Permitting Team at 512-239-4691.

There are no applications currently at notice.