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View Pending Water Right Applications

Material associated with pending water right applications.

Update: This webpage is undergoing a transition and the materials associated with pending water right applications will be made available on a rolling basis. Please contact Brooke McGregor at if you have any questions. 

  • The Received by TCEQ column is the original application.
  • The Admin. Complete column includes the complete file up through the date the application is declared administratively complete.
  • In accordance with rules and statutes, some water rights applications require notice and some do not (See 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 295, Subchapter CExit the TCEQ). When applications are in the notice period, the complete file, including the draft permit and technical review memos, will be provided in the table below under the Notice Issued column.
  • Some applications that required notice may have a public meeting. When the Notice of Public Meeting is issued by the Office of Chief Clerk, the complete file will be provided in the table below under the Public Meeting column.

Once a permit or amendment has been issued, the issued date is reflected in the Final Actions on Water Right Permit Applications-Fiscal Year 2022 Microsoft Excel Document. A copy of the permit or amendment can be found in the Commissioners Integrated Database. If you have questions about the Commissioners Integrated Database, please contact the Office of Chief Clerk at 512-239-3300. For additional information about water rights applications, please email the Water Rights Permitting Program or call 512-239-4600.