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Plumbing Fixtures: Water Saving Standards

How manufacturers of plumbing fixtures sold in Texas can certify that their products comply with water saving performance standards.

You may not sell, offer for sale, distribute, or import a plumbing fixture for use in this state unless:

  1. It meets the water saving performance design standards; and
  2. It is included on the TCEQ’s list of plumbing fixtures certified to meet those standards.

What are the maximum allowable flow rates for plumbing fixtures?

  • Sink / lavatory faucet or a faucet aerator - 2.20 gpm at 60 pounds per square inch pressure
  • Shower head - 2.5 gpm at 80 pounds per square inch pressure
  • Commercial pre-rinse spray valve - 1.6 gpm
  • All drinking water fountains shall be operated by a self-closing valve
  • Toilet - 1.28 gpf (dual flush cannot exceed 1.28 gallons for an average flush volume of two reduced flushes and one full flush)
  • Urinal - 0.5 gpf

How do I get plumbing fixtures included on TCEQ’s list of certified fixtures?

Submit the following information:

  1. The identification and performance specifications for each plumbing fixture product intended for sale and use in the State of Texas; and
  2. Certified test results from a laboratory accredited by the American National Standards Institute (for each fixture) verifying that the plumbing complies with the flow requirements established in 30 TAC 290.252(b).

Email to and include “Plumbing Fixtures” in the subject line, or send to:

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Resource Protection Team
Attn: Plumbing Fixture Coordinator
PO Box 13087, MC-160
Austin, TX 78711-3087


Find more information on the rules about standards:

Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, (30 TAC) Section 290.252 and 30 TAC, Chapter 290, Subchapter G

Texas Health and Safety Code 372

Contact the Resource Protection Team at or (512) 239-4600.