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Remediation Rules

Links to rules for TCEQ's Remediation programs

Remediation programs use three main sets of rules to oversee the assessment and cleanup of contaminated properties. These rules are described below:

Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) (30 TAC Chapter 350)

This is the most recent rule package (1999) under which all new releases are evaluated at sites under the jurisdiction of the remediation programs unless the site was grandfathered out. To determine if a new release is subject to TRRP, review this document. For additional information on TRRP, refer to the TRRP page, and the guidance documents on the TRRP Guidance and Forms page.

TRRP rule and preamble ("unofficial" version with errata changes made)
TRRP rule (official version from the Secretary of State's office)
Conforming rules - Download the portions of other rules, Chapters 37, 327, 331, 332, 333, 334, and 335, that were amended to conform with TRRP.

Petroleum Storage Tank rule (30 TAC Chapter 334)

This rule is applicable to leaking petroleum storage tanks (underground petroleum substance and hazardous substance tanks, and aboveground petroleum product tanks).

Petroleum Storage Tank rule, "unofficial" version.
Petroleum Storage Tank rule, "official" version from Secretary of State's office

Risk Reduction Rule (30 TAC Chapter 335)

This rule was first promulgated in 1993. It applies to industrial solid waste and municipal hazardous waste contaminated sites discovered prior to the implementation of the TRRP rule. Relatively few remediation projects are still under the jurisdiction of this rule. Refer to this memo on "Transition to Texas Risk Reduction Program of projects with portions closed under the 30 TAC 335 Risk Reduction rule," and review TRRP Applicability and Grandfathering (RG-366/TRRP-2) for details on determining whether a site is still subject to the Risk Reduction Rule or to TRRP.

Risk Reduction Rule, Industrial Solid Waste and Municipal Hazardous Waste, "unofficial" version
Risk Reduction Rule - "official" version from Secretary of State's office

Program Rules

Each program also relies on other rules and statutes that govern specific details of implementing the program. Refer to the program's page for more information.
Texas Water Code 26.408 requirements
Dry Cleaner Remediation Program
Industrial Solid Waste and Municipal Hazardous Waste
Natural Resource Trustee program
Petroleum Storage Tank program
Voluntary Cleanup Program