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Drought in Texas

Weather patterns and demand on water supplies vary dramatically across the state. When dry conditions are prolonged, it can put a strain on all uses. Here is information to help you make better decisions about water use, including surface and groundwater regulations, and emergency procedures.

 Governor Greg Abbotts Drought Disaster Proclamations

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Current Priority Calls, Alerts, and Actions

Water Rights During Drought

  • Water rights management during drought

    See information about priority dates, senior water rights, groundwater production and use, watermasters, and links to webpages about how to make a priority call or water-right complaint.

Priority Calls: How to Claim Water Rights

Public Water Systems During Drought

Current Conditions

Map of Drought Impact on Texas Surface Water
Posted June 11, 2024
Map of current drought conditions in Texas

Map of Texas Vegetation Conditions   (National Drought Mitigation Center)

Map of Drought Conditions   (U.S. Drought Monitor)

How TCEQ Responds During Drought

Water Conservation

Other Resources