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Used and Scrap Tire Management

A scrap tire is one that can no longer be used for its original intended purpose. Find out if your used or scrap tire activity is regulated, if you need to register, and how to dispose of tires or report illegal dumping. Regulated activities include scrap tire transportation, storage, processing, recycling, energy recovery from tires, and land reclamation using tires.

HOTThe TCEQ is requesting an activity status update from all used or scrap tire generators registered before January 1, 2014. Complete the Status of Scrap Tire Registration Adobe Acrobat PDF Document form and submit the form by email to tirerpts@tceq.texas.gov, or by mail to Business and Program Services Section, Scrap Tire Management Program, MC 126, TCEQ, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX, 78711-3087. Failure to submit the completed form by June 15, 2019 may result in revocation of your scrap tire generator registration.

HOTDiscarded scrap tires across the state now have an opportunity to be used as tire-derived fuel at cement kilns.

Recent letter from EPA provides clarification on Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials (NHSM) rule and steps to process discarded scrap tires into non-waste fuel for cement kilns. Read the letter from EPA. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Tire Disposal for the Public

Removing and disposing of unwanted or abandoned tires, reporting illegal dumping, and information about landfills that accept tires or tire pieces.

Regulatory Requirements

Regulated Activities

Registration, application and other requirements for scrap tire generators; transporters; storage sites; facilities including processing or recycling operations, and energy recovery from tires (including thermal decomposition); and land reclamation projects using tires.

Annual Reporting and Report Summaries

Used and scrap tire transporters, storage sites, and facilities that process, recycle, or recover energy from tires must keep records of tire management and transfer using a manifest system, and file annual reports.

Management of Scrap Tires in the Border Region

Challenges and concerns about managing scrap tires in the border area and links to state and federal resources.

Beneficial Use Projects Using Tires

Find the criteria and guidance for projects utilizing scrap tires for beneficial uses.

Registered Scrap Tire Transporters and Management Facilities

Find registered scrap tire generators, transporters, storage sites, scrap tire facilities including processing or recycling operations, or energy recovery facilities (including thermal decomposition), and land reclamation projects using tires.

Rules for Management of Used or Scrap Tires

  • 30 TAC Chapter 328, Subchapter F Exit the TCEQ

    State rules establishing procedures and requirements for the safe storage, transportation, processing, utilization, and disposal of used or scrap tires or tire pieces.

  • Local Requirements: If you manage used or scrap tires or tire pieces you must also follow all local ordinances and regulations.

Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program by mail, telephone, or email if you have questions or need more information about used or scrap tire management.