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Stakeholder Participation in the Texas Clean Rivers Program

Describes the different stakeholder involvement activities of the Clean Rivers Program.


Get Involved

The Clean Rivers Program (CRP) has a strong stakeholder participation process. The regional Partner Agencies work with Steering Committees to set monitoring and management priorities for water bodies throughout Texas.

How Does the Public Participate?

The Texas Clean Rivers Act established a way for the citizens of Texas to participate in developing effective watershed management strategies. Each CRP Partner Agency has established a Steering Committee to discuss water quality issues and set priorities within its basin. These committees bring together the diverse interests in each basin to address local concerns and recommend solutions.

Steering Committee participants include stakeholders from the public, government, industry, business, agriculture, and environmental groups. For more information about participating in Steering Committee meetings, and to contribute your input on water quality issues in your watershed, contact the appropriate CRP Partner Agency for your river basin.

If you are unsure of which basin you live in, you can view the CRP Brochure that contains a map showing the individual basins and the CRP Partner Agency assigned to your basin. Or e-mail with your location (city and county).

CRP Stakeholder Activities

Everyone in a river basin is a stakeholder and the CRP is designed to address stakeholder concerns. The CRP can:

  • investigate water quality concerns,
  • bring people to the table to coordinate efforts and address water quality issues,
  • assist communities by collecting water quality data to support permit decisions,
  • support local watershed action efforts, and
  • provide educational materials to schools and local water quality events.

Statewide Stakeholder Meetings

The TCEQ hosts statewide stakeholder meetings to exchange information and ideas on the focus of the program and receive feedback about recent activities. The meetings are held as needed to address significant issues facing the program. CRP Partners will post notices in advance of future meetings.