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Hydrography Data and Map-Based Data Viewers

Statewide map-based viewers for surface water information, links to data for stream segments, Level 4 ecoregions, and other data layers for use in ArcGIS are found on this page.
map of Texas river basins

Major River and Coastal Basins of Texas

Texas river and coastal basins are numbered as part of a classification system TCEQ uses to support management of surface water resources. Segments (portions or reaches) of a basin are assigned numbers that begin with the basin number and add two additional numbers that identify a specific area of a water body; for example, Segment 0101 of the Canadian River. 

1. Canadian River Basin

2. Red River Basin

3. Sulphur River Basin

4. Cypress Creek Basin

5. Sabine River Basin

6. Neches River Basin

7. Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin

8. Trinity River Basin

9. Trinity-San Jacinto Coastal Basin

10. San Jacinto River Basin

11. San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin

12. Brazos River Basin

13. Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin

14. Colorado River Basin

15. Colorado-Lavaca Coastal Basin

16. Lavaca River Basin

17. Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basin

18. Guadalupe River Basin

19. San Antonio River Basin

20. San Antonio-Nueces Coastal Basin

21. Nueces River Basin

22. Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin

23. Rio Grande Basin

24. Bays and Estuaries


Download a map of the 23 major Texas River Basins.

Data Viewers

Viewers use a map-based user interface to give access to data. These pages are sometimes slow to load.

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GIS Data Sets

Data layers for use in ArcGIS. Includes data such as stream, lake, and bay segments; permitted wastewater outfalls; regulatory boundaries; and land use. Some file sizes are large and therefore may be slow to download or may "timeout" before download is complete.

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