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Status and Activities: Implementing a TMDL for Lake O' the Pines

What's going on and what's been done to improve conditions for aquatic life in Lake O' the Pines.

Lake O' the Pines Lake O' the Pines Lake O' the Pines

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Watershed Counties: Cass, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Upshur
Parameter: Dissolved oxygen
River Basin: Cypress Creek
Segment: 0403

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Implementation Plan and TMDL

TMDL Projects


Status and Activities

Execution of the original implementation plan was led by the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District Exit the TCEQ in partnership with stakeholders in the region. Assessment in 2016 indicated that conditions have improved; however, dissolved oxygen concentrations remain below the criteria for support of aquatic life in the upper 3,700 acres of the lake. Find the latest reported assessment of the lake in the Cypress Creek Basin Highlights Report Exit the TCEQ on the Water District’s website.

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) worked with stakeholders to evaluate their implementation progress and revise their plan as appropriate. In 2014, the stakeholders prepared a revision to the original implementation plan to continue their efforts in improving local water quality.

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