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Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registration and Reporting Overview

Explains the role of TCEQ staff in the Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registration and Reporting Program. Links to relevant guidance documents.

The TCEQ enters all information submitted by industrial and hazardous waste transporters, receivers, generators and one time shippers into a database that tracks industrial and hazardous waste generation and management activities in the state of Texas.

We also enter all information submitted by hazardous waste transporters, receivers, and generators into the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Resource Conservation Recovery Act Information System (RCRA Info). RCRA Info is an EPA database designed to track hazardous waste inspections, violations, enforcement actions, permit assignments, and EPA identification numbers.

The TCEQ coordinates and manages information obtained through the waste receiver report, the waste shipper report, the annual waste summary report (AWS), and the biennial report to the EPA. The biennial report is based on annual waste summary information from large quantity generators and monthly waste receipt summary information from treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Staff continually update and clarify notification and reporting forms to help ensure that we are collecting all EPA-required information, that our customers understand the requirements, and that we are not regulating companies or facilities not covered by TCEQ rules.

For additional guidance, we offer the following publications which are available in PDF: