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Updates to Existing Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registrations

Information on how to update a Notice of Registration for a solid waste registration using STEERS or the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Management Form 00002.

Note that large quantity generators must submit updates to their notice of registration using STEERS unless STEERS does not allow the change. View the changes allowed in STEERS.

NOTE: Guidelines for the Classification and Coding of Industrial Wastes and Hazardous Wastes may be helpful when adding new waste streams.

  • To Update an existing TWC or WMU
    • you may update them electronically via STEERS on the "Units" tab or "Wastes" tab in the "Industrial and Hazardous Waste" program area OR
    • submit a letter with the following information.
      • facility's solid waste registration number
      • description of the changes (Note: for reactivation of a Texas Waste Code, please include the waste management unit numbers where the waste is managed and whether the waste is managed on-site and/or off-site.)
      • contact person for questions (including phone number and/or e-mail address)
      • signature of the person submitting the update
    • To update a permitted WMU, contact IHW permits at (512) 239-2335 or  The Registration and Reporting Section cannot make changes to permitted unit, and the changes cannot be done through STEERS. Updates to permitted waste management units require a permit modification.

Updates not submitted via STEERS should be sent via postal mail to:
Registration and Reporting MC-129
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
OR via fax to (512) 239-6410