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Updates to Existing Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registrations

Information on how to update a Notice of Registration for a solid waste registration using STEERS or the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Management Form 00002.
  • To add a waste stream (Texas Waste Code/TWC), including short-term/one-time generation events,

NOTE: Guidelines for the Classification and Coding of Industrial Wastes and Hazardous Wastes may be helpful when adding new waste streams.

  • To add an on-site waste management unit (WMU),
  • To Update an existing TWC or WMU
    • you may update them electronically via STEERS on the "Units" tab or "Wastes" tab in the "Industrial and Hazardous Waste" program area OR
    • submit a letter with the following information.
      • facility's solid waste registration number
      • description of the changes (Note: for reactivation of a Texas Waste Code, please include the waste management unit numbers where the waste is managed and whether the waste is managed on-site and/or off-site.)
      • contact person for questions (including phone number and/or e-mail address)
      • signature of the person submitting the update
    • To update a permitted WMU, contact IHW permits at (512) 239-2335 or  The Registration and Reporting Section cannot make changes to permitted unit, and the changes cannot be done through STEERS. Updates to permitted waste management units require a permit modification.
  • To update administrative information, such as contacts, owner/operator changes, and generator status, please submit the following:

Updates not submitted via STEERS should be sent via postal mail to:
Registration and Reporting MC-129
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
OR via fax to (512) 239-6410