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Permit Number vs. Solid Waste Registration Number

Information providing guidance as to whether you need an IHW registration number or IHW permit number through TCEQ.

Don't mistake a permit number with a solid waste registration number. Your facility only needs a permit number if your operation intends to store, treat, or dispose of hazardous or industrial waste on site. Since most operations do not need to go through the permitting process, they do not get "permit" numbers. However, industrial generators and hazardous waste generators do receive solid waste registration numbers when they notify the TCEQ of their waste activities. This number is sometimes referred to as a "registration number" or "state I.D. number."

Unlike a company, a solid waste registration number does not move. It is permanently associated with a physical location and one specific street address. Therefore, if your company moves to a location that already has a number, you will then use that location's solid waste registration number after notifying the TCEQ using the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Waste Management Form (TCEQ-00002). If your new location does not have a solid waste registration number, then submit a new initial notification package using the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Waste Management Form (TCEQ-00002). If a registration action affects any other program area within the TCEQ, you must also complete a TCEQ Core Data Form (TCEQ 10400) and forward the Core Data Form to the Central Registry at: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Central Registry MC144, P. O. Box 13087, Austin Texas 78711-3087.

To acquire a stand-alone EPA identification number (ID) when a Texas solid waste registration number is not necessary, fill out the Notification of RCRA Subtitle C Activity (8700-12) Exit Site and send it to TCEQ for processing. To obtain both an EPA ID number and a Texas solid waste registration number, please use the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Waste Management Form (TCEQ-00002).

Mail Forms 00002 and 8700-12 to:

Registration and Reporting Section, MC 129
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

For overnight delivery, send the forms to:
Registration and Reporting, MC 129
12100 Park 35 Circle Bldg D
Austin, TX 78753

Phone 512/239-6413
FAX updates to existing registrations only to 512/239-6410.  New registrations submitted via fax will be returned to sender.