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Houston-Galveston-Brazoria 8-Hour Ozone SIP Modeling (2005/2006 Episodes): Air Monitoring Sites

Air quality monitoring sites in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria ozone nonattainment area. The data observed at these sites were used to evaluate model performance of the 8-hour ozone SIP revision in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria area (2005 and 2006 episodes).

This page lists the air quality and meteorological monitoring sites in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) ozone nonattainment area, their site codes and EPA numbers, and locations in 2005/2006. The data observed at these sites were used to evaluate model performance for the 2005/2006 Houston-Galveston-Brazoria eight-hour ozone SIP modeling (HGB8H2).

Air Quality Monitoring Sites in HGB Area

Map Location
EPA Site
CAMS Site Info
ANAH (508.2,-1127.6) 480710013 C96/C638 1850 Hawkins Camp Road, Anahuac, Chambers Co., TX
ATAS (458.8,-1083.3) 482010560 C560 Atascocita, 2302 Atascocita Rd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
BAYP (435.5,-1114.4) 482010055 C53/A146 Bayland Park, Harris Co., TX
BUHV (430.9,-1107.2) 482010562 C562 Bunker Hill Village, 11977 Memorial Dr., Houston, Harris Co., TX
BYWC (484.4,-1107.2) 482010552 C552 Baytown Wetlands Center, 1724 Market St., Baytown, Harris Co., TX
C35C (458.2,-1108.8) 482011035 C403/C304/A113 Clinton, Harris Co., TX
CCHS (477.6,-1130.8) 481670571 C571 Clear Creek High School, 2305 East Main St., League City, Galveston Co., TX
CECH (458.8,-1114.3) 482016000 C1020/175 Cesar Chavez High School, 4829A Galveston Rd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
CLHS (473.8,-1124.6) 482010572 C572 Clear Lake High School, 2929 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
CLTA (449.1,-1190.0) 480391003 C11/A111 Clute, Brazoria Co., TX
CNR2 (438.0,-1041.3) 483390078 C78 Conroe Relocated, 9472A Highway 1484, Conroe, Montgomery Co., TX
CRBL (475.1,-1086.9) 482010553 C553 Crosby Library, 135 Hare Rd., Crosby, Harris Co., TX
DNCG (412.6,-1176.6) 480390618 C618 Danciger, Danciger, Brazoria Co., TX
DRPK (471.0,-1115.2) 482011039 C35/C1001/A139 Deer Park, Harris Co., TX
FWCB (466.3,-1128.9) 482010570 C570 Clear Brook High School, 4607 FM 2351, Friendswood, Harris Co., TX
GALC (500.2,-1158.7) 481670014 C34/A109/X152 Galveston, Galveston Co., TX
H01H (458.0,-1110.9) 482010801 C601 HRM Site 1, Central Street, Houston, Harris Co., TX
H03H (465.3,-1104.9) 482010803 C603/A114 HRM Site 3, Haden Road, Houston, Harris Co., TX
H04H (469.5,-1096.8) 482010804 C604 HRM Site 4, Sheldon Road, Houston, Harris Co., TX
H07H (481.0,-1103.5) 482010807 C607 HRM Site 7, West Baytown, Harris Co., TX
H08H (478.1,-1117.3) 482010808 C608 HRM Site 8, La Porte, Houston, Harris Co., TX
H10H (489.5,-1090.7) 480710900 C610 HRM Site 10, Mont Belvieu, Chambers Co., TX
H11H (491.4,-1103.1) 480710901 C611 HRM Site 11, Eest Baytown, Chambers Co., TX
HALC (450.3,-1090.6) 482010024 C8/A108/X150 Aldine, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HCHV (470.4,-1100.4) 482010026 C15/A115 Channelview, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HCQA (437.9,-1122.2) 482010051 C409 Croquet, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HLAA (435.1,-1098.8) 482010047 C408 Lang, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HNWA (416.0,-1077.1) 482010029 C26/A110/X154 NW Harris, Tomball, Harris Co., TX
HOEA (461.4,-1104.8) 482011034 C1 Houston East, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HROC (452.4,-1109.2) 482010070 C81 TCEQ Houston Regional Office, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HSMA (457.9,-1120.8) 482010062 C406 Swiss and Monroe, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HTCA (449.1,-1108.5) 482010070 C411 Texas Avenue, Houston, Harris Co., TX
HWAA (455.0,-1098.5) 482010046 C405 North Wayside, Houston, Harris Co., TX
KATP (404.7,-1103.2) 482010559 C559 Katy Park, 24927 Morton Rd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
KGWD (463.0,-1072.7) 482010555 C555 Kingwood Library, 4102 Rustic Woods Dr., Kingwood, Harris Co., TX
LKJK (441.7,-1186.8) 480391016 C1016 Lake Jackson, 109-B Brazoria Hwy 332-W, Lake Jackson, Brazoria Co., TX
LPSB (482.6,-1116.0) 482010556 C556 La Porte Sylvan Beach, 636 Bayshore Dr., La Porte, Harris Co., TX
LYNF (475.2,-1104.3) 482011015 C1015/A165 Lynchburg Ferry, 1001 B Lynchburg Road, Baytown, Harris Co., TX
MACP (446.4,-1133.3) 480391004 C84 Manvel Croix Park, 4503 Croix Parkway, Manvel, Brazoria Co., TX
MERC (444.2,-1075.7) 482010557 C557 Mercer Arboretum, 22306 Aldine Westfield Road, Houston, Harris Co., TX
MEYE (430.8,-1079.4) 482010561 C561 Meyer Park, 7700 Cypresswood Dr., Houston, Harris Co., TX
MIPK (458.1,-1111.7) 482010069 A169 Houston Milby Park, Houston, Harris Co., TX
MSTG (466.3,-1155.2) 480390619 C619 Mustang Bayou, Liverpool, Brazoria Co., TX
PRKP (454.8,-1114.2) 482010416 C416 Park Place, 7421 Park Place Blvd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
SBFP (482.5,-1124.1) 482011050 C45 Seabrook Friendship Park, 4522 Park Road, Seabrook, Harris Co., TX
SHLD (466.6,-1094.3) 482010551 C551 Sheldon, 15345 Beaumont Hwy, Houston, Harris Co., TX
SHWH (421.7,-1112.0) 482010066 C410 Westhollow, Houston, Harris Co., TX
TOMB (449.8,-1125.4) 482010558 C558 Tom Bass, 15108 Cullen Blvd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
TXCT (490.4,-1143.8) 481670056 C620 2212 North 34th St., Texas City, Galveston Co., TX
WALV (483.3,-1097.5) 482010617 C617 Wallisville Road, 4727 Wallisville Rd., Baytown, Harris Co., TX
WHOU (419.0,-1099.9) 482010554 C554 West Houston, 16719 Clay Rd., Houston, Harris Co., TX
MDTW (450.8,-1111.1) TexAQS II special site Top of Moody Tower (60m AGL), Univ. of Houston, Houston, Harris Co., TX
RICE (444.6,-1113.3) TOPPExit the TCEQ ozonesonde site Rice Univ., Houston, Harris Co., TX
UHSL (416.2,-1126.1) TOPPExit the TCEQ ozonesonde site Univ. of Houston, Sugar Land, Houston, Harris Co., TX

Map of Monitoring Sites

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