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Texas Sulfur Dioxide Attainment Demonstration Modeling

Modeling information and data for sulfur dioxide State Implementation Plan (SIP) revisions.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires state and tribal governments to ensure high levels of certain air pollutants are not present in the air. One such pollutant is sulfur dioxide (SO2), for which the EPA has established a standard that is protective of health and well being. For areas that currently do not meet the SO2 standard, called nonattainment areas, states must submit state implementation plan (SIP) revisions to show how the area will meet the SO2 standard in the future. Computer modeling data and information related to SIP revisions for four current nonattainment areas in Texas that currently do not meet the SO2 standard are below.

Modeling Information for Nonattainment Areas

Resources on SO2

EPA's guidance for 1-hour sulfur dioxide SIP submissions

EPA's guidelines on air quality models: 2017 appendix W final rule

More information about the TCEQ's SO2 State Implementation Plan (SIP) is on the Air Pollution from Sulfur Dioxide webpage.