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Grants for Diesel Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Equipment

Grants to upgrade or replace diesel heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with cleaner models. These grants are available through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.


Funding for the Road Ahead

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Do you work in industries like agriculture, construction, or trucking? Do you shrimp or fish along Texas waterways? Haul product by rail? Save money on new equipment and increase your business efficiency with a grant through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan. Find the right program and receive funding for your next truck, bus, marine vessel, locomotive – and more!

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Upgrade Sooner Than Planned

Our grants provide funding for a variety of industry needs. Examples of commonly funded equipment: haul trucks, school buses, agricultural tractors, marine vessels, locomotive engines, and electric storage.

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Amount You May Be Eligible To Receive

You could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade or replace your vehicle or equipment.

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Grant Opportunities

Explore our other grant programs to find one that fits your needs. Each grant has its own application instructions.

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About TERP

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan is a program of TCEQ. Since 2001, TERP has provided thousands of Texans with grant funding to purchase new vehicles and equipment. By working to remove outdated vehicles and equipment from the road, job site, or field, TERP is accomplishing its mission to cut NOx emissions and reduce impacts on the environment.

TERP offers grants for people and businesses in industries like trucking, farming, and construction. Recipients can use the funds for upgrading to newer, cleaner technology, and retiring outdated pieces of machinery. TERP also offers rebates for electric or natural-gas-powered passenger vehicles and money to implement new technologies.

Open Grants

Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program (TNGVGP)

Grants to repower heavy-duty or medium-duty vehicles operating in the Clean Transportation Zone with natural gas engines or replace the vehicles with natural gas vehicles. Examples of commonly funded equipment: haul trucks, garbage and refuse trucks, and delivery trucks.

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Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program (LDPLIP)

Provides rebates statewide to persons who purchase or lease eligible alternative fuel vehicles.

Learn More & Apply about the LDPLIP program.