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Grants Offered Through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan

The TERP program provides grants for a variety of vehicles and equipment types in construction, agriculture, cargo handling, transportation, and more. Receive funding for your next truck, tractor, forklift, bulldozer, or other piece of equipment!

Find Your Grant

Find vehicles and equipment below along with the most common TERP grants associated with them. Each grant has specific eligibility requirements, varying application periods, and separate application instructions.

Icon - Electric Car

Electric Cars and Trucks

Charge up and go! Reduce maintenance costs and improve the air quality in Texas with a new electric car or truck.

Icon - On-road haul truck

On-Road Haul Trucks

Tractor trailers with the newest technology and fuel efficiency are within reach.

Icon - Agricultural tractor

Non-Road Agricultural & Crawling Tractors

Replace your old tractor with a newer model with cleaner emissions.

Icon - Dump truck

On-Road Dump Trucks

Haul what you need, when you need it, with a reduced impact on the environment.

Icon - Forklift

Non-Road Forklifts

Icon - Terminal Tractor

Terminal Tractors

Upgrade your spotter, yard truck, or mule and move product across your facility with ease.

Icon - School bus

School Buses

Reduce children’s exposure to exhaust in and around diesel-fueled school buses by upgrading your fleet.

Icon - Transit bus

Transit and Urban Buses

Improve city transportation by investing in new, cleaner running transit and urban buses for your communities.

Icon - Garbage Truck

Garbage Trucks

Complete your route and lower your impact on the environment.

Icon - Delivery Truck

Delivery Trucks

Move product from point A to point B in a newer, cleaner vehicle equipped with the newest features.

Icon - On-Road Roll Off Truck

On-Road Roll Off Trucks

Help your community by providing disposal options that reduce local emissions.

Icon - Towboat

Marine Vessels

Reduce your environmental impact on our waterways while taking advantage of the newest vessels on the market.

Icon - On-Road Flatbed Truck

On-Road Flatbed Trucks

Safely carry what you need while lowering emissions.

Icon - Locomotive Switcher

Locomotive Switchers

Maintain reliable control over your rail yard while reducing your impact on the environment.

Icon - Pick-Up Truck

On-Road Pick-Up Trucks

Pick-up trucks provide an essential function in day-to-day operations. Apply today and get behind the wheel of the newest models.

Icon - Rubber Tire Loader

Non-Road Rubber Tire Loaders

Everyone needs reliable basics. Apply to upgrade your loader.

Icon - Water Truck

On-Road Water and Tank Trucks

Being able to safely transport liquids across Texas is an essential function. Apply to take advantage of vehicles with newer technology.

Icon - Pipeline

Stationary Pipeline Compressors

New stationary pipeline compressors are ready for you to put to work.

Icon - Excavator

Non-Road Excavators

No need to dig deep into your wallet for a new excavator with the latest technology.

Icon - Engine

Propulsion & Auxiliary Engines

Help protect Texas’ waterways by upgrading your category one propulsion and auxiliary engines for your marine vessels.

Icon - Cement Truck

On-Road Cement Trucks

Icon - Sprayer

Non-Road Sprayers

It’s time to invest in the newest spray rig model.

Open Grants

Rebate Grants Program

Provides grants in eligible counties to upgrade or replace diesel heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. Examples of commonly funded equipment: haul trucks, forklifts, agricultural tractors, cement trucks, water trucks, and excavators.

Seaport and Rail Yard Areas Emissions Reduction Program (SPRY)

Provides grants to upgrade or replace older drayage trucks and equipment operating at eligible seaports and rail yards.

Texas Clean School Bus (TCSB) Program

Provides grants statewide to public school districts and charter schools to replace or retrofit eligible school buses.

Opening Soon

Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants

Provides grants in eligible counties to repower or replace older locomotives, marine vessels, stationary equipment, or non-road equipment* to reduce NOX emissions.

*Only non-road equipment categories that were NOT included in the Rebate Grants program are eligible.

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