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Petroleum Storage Tanks: Recordkeeping

Find out where to get petroleum storage tank (PST) records online, where and how long to keep records, and what to do if you do not have PST records or they do not match TCEQ’s.

Getting PST Records

You can request records from our Central File Room or your regional TCEQ office. You may need to hire a UST contractor to evaluate the tanks and system to give you specifications.

Find current and historic information about PSTs registered with TCEQ by searching our Central Registry. Registration information includes current and previous owners, site location, certain tank specifics, and copies of the most current registration and delivery certificates.

Matching TCEQ Records with Yours

If your site records differ from those available in TCEQ’s Central Registry, we recommend either updating us through STEERS or by sending an updated PST Registration and Self-Certification Form (Form 0724).

If there were underground tanks on the property that have been removed, you must submit a Release Determination Report (Form 00621) and meet other requirements before we can deactivate the tank in our database.

Records Retention

Keep copies of all PST records in a secure location. Post your delivery certificates or temporary delivery authorizations onsite. You may maintain other records offsite if:

  • Your records are readily accessible for each UST operator and TCEQ investigators.
  • You inform TCEQ in writing about the records location and contact information for the person keeping the records.

Many facilities keep all required PST records onsite. Ensure all licensed operators know where to find the records in case an investigator asks for them.

Under PST rules, distinct types of equipment have their own record retention schedules. Keep the following records for the operational life of the system:

  • Original and amended registration documents.
  • Original and amended certifications for UST installations and financial assurance.
  • Notification to a UST purchaser (Seller’s Disclosure).

For more information, see the PST Reporting and Recordkeeping rules in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code Chapter 334.10.

More information

See the following resources for more on PST rules and requirements:

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