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Surface Water Quality Monitoring Daily Summary Report

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1 to 31 days
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  Oxidation Reduction Potential in mv Aqualab DO Standard Check
  Surface Water Temperature in °C Aqualab pH Standard Check
  Water Flow Rate in ft³/sec Aqualab Turbidity Check
  Water Velocity in ft/sec Aqualab DO Membrane Temperature in °C
  Aqualab Nitrate Blank in mg/l Aqualab DO Body Temperature in °C
  Aqualab Ammonia Blank in mg/l Aqualab Ammonia Standard 1 Check
  Aqualab TRP Blank in mg/l Aqualab Ammonia Standard 2 Check
  Water Flow Rate YTD in acre feet in acre ft/yr Aqualab Nitrate Standard 1 Check
  Reservoir Water Elevation in ft Aqualab Nitrate Standard 2 Check
  Gage Height in ft Aqualab TRP Zero Check
  Sample Depth in m Aqualab TRP Standard 1 Check
  Water Level in ft Aqualab TRP Standard 2 Check
  Surface Specific Conductance in µS/cm Soil Specific Conductivity in µS/cm
  Water Ammonia in mg/l Soil Salinity in g/l
  Water Nitrate in mg/l Soil Moisture in vol frac
  Dissolved Oxygen Charge Depth to Groundwater in ft
  Chlorophyll in µg/l Groundwater Specific Conductance in µS/cm
  Turbidity in FNU Groundwater pH in pH units
  Water Total Reactive Phosphorus in mg/l Groundwater Temperature C in °C
  Water Ammonia mg/L in mg/l Bottom Sample Depth in m
  Water Fluorescence % in % Bottom Dissolved Oxygen Charge
  Water Total Phosphorus in mg/l Wind Speed in mi/hr
  Total Dissolved Solids in mg/l Resultant Wind Speed in mi/hr
  Surface Dissolved Oxygen in mg/l Resultant Wind Direction in deg comp
  Dissolved Oxygen ppm in ppm Maximum Wind Gust in mi/hr
  Surface Water pH in pH units Standard Deviation of Horizontal Wind Direction in deg comp
  Salinity in g/Kg Outdoor Temperature in °F
  Aqualab Cabinet Temperature in °C Soil Temperature C in °C
  Aqualab Barometer in mbar Solar Radiation in ly/min
  Aqualab Specific Conductance Standard Check Barometric Pressure in mbar
  Aqualab Specific Conductance Base Check Precipitation in in (rainfall)

PLEASE NOTE:  This data has not been verified by the TCEQ and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff.