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Peak Daily One-Hour Ozone Averages for June 2018

The table below lists the peak daily one-hour ozone concentrations measured in June 2018 in each community where the TCEQ measures ozone. Concentrations are color-highlighted based on the EPA-defined Air Quality Index colors. (See Interpreting the AQI.) All ozone measurements are in parts per billion, and are truncated to an integer number.

The values that go into this table are calculated at 3:30 am each morning. Therefore, the current day will almost always have very low hourly averages that are not truly representative of local conditions for the day. Because of this, the report does not display the current day's data.

Use the selection boxes below to customize this report. You may select a different month, a different year, a different report format, and whether or not to include time on the report. Click on the Generate Report button once you have made your selections.

Month:Year:Report Format: Include time:
Include time
Highlight using AQI colors
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Dallas-Fort Worth
Ft. Worth Northwest C13/AH302 252455961594845474129414036403536373725492Ft. Worth Northwest C13/AH302
Keller C17254465761624847484432404040413639334127492Keller C17
Frisco C31/C680163625755625653614741NA4553544438313628521Frisco C31/C680
Midlothian OFW C52/A137146476049455344444230363436373443303524331Midlothian OFW C52/A137
Denton Airport South C56/A163/X157161545667816256554735415346474039364033581Denton Airport South C56/A163/X157
Arlington Municipal Airport C61149416357485244444332363837383440313024401Arlington Municipal Airport C61
Dallas North No.2 C63/C679154565552675049504538374648424036313925431Dallas North No.2 C63/C679
Rockwall Heath C69139395046433943424526273136393633222619231Rockwall Heath C69
Grapevine Fairway C70/A301/X182160535660715752484531394640433736314026491Grapevine Fairway C70/A301/X182
Kaufman C71/A304/X071152405747423945515032353632464637283126271Kaufman C71/A304/X071
Granbury C73/C681157456870515250474132384239463735373730391Granbury C73/C681
Eagle Mountain Lake C75 162516364716055544433434938453741424532541Eagle Mountain Lake C75
Parker County C76153456168555850474031333832403735354233431Parker County C76
Cleburne Airport C77/C682157527366505048504037443942443840343830371Cleburne Airport C77/C682
Dallas Hinton St. C401/C60/AH161 350515949555148454435354139373835283724403Dallas Hinton St. C401/C60/AH161
Dallas Executive Airport C402150505955455346434233343638363636293525371Dallas Executive Airport C402
Greenville C1006/A198152535247574745465129333437343731333127301Greenville C1006/A198
Pilot Point C1032170595753695657615643485152524638303429561Pilot Point C1032
Italy C1044/A323140474949435042444027293133333444253123251Italy C1044/A323
Corsicana Airport C1051153465248535048525731384140494242303526291Corsicana Airport C1051
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Longview C19/A127/C644240354762585457565331393232333534262823172Longview C19/A127/C644
Tyler Airport Relocated C82141405064484249434429323838393731273126201Tyler Airport Relocated C82
Karnack C85/AFHP303141385050445448585730383741523627302827151Karnack C85/AFHP303
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
El Paso-Juarez
El Paso UTEP C12/A125/X1512455960103505853635054517055624954557566682El Paso UTEP C12/A125/X151
Ascarate Park SE C37/A332/A172/X1591405156105505551574854517147524248486961641Ascarate Park SE C37/A332/A172/X159
Chamizal C41/AH126 1475559105546156655457546753534956577165691Chamizal C41/AH126
Socorro Hueco C49/F312143505485486253565050506253464042465654571Socorro Hueco C49/F312
Skyline Park C72151536089537254615354547255624854578369661Skyline Park C72
BRAVO Big Bend C67/C316/C656/C6913 N52555052605458514941565239414138414443433BRAVO Big Bend C67/C316/C656/C691
Ivanhoe C414145515791516754535157516647514050487064611Ivanhoe C414
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Waco Mazanec C10371454753585150454337303235363737403738NA311Waco Mazanec C1037
Temple Georgia C1045145525653574244403332333734373533313928331Temple Georgia C1045
Killeen Skylark Field C1047163645656645746494238434343483737334031341Killeen Skylark Field C1047
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Beaumont-Port Arthur
Beaumont-Downtown C2/A112/C2002 227323944475965653121202420382127222011162Beaumont-Downtown C2/A112/C2002
West Orange C9/A141234335867456260633427253233452527273021232West Orange C9/A141
Port Arthur West C28/A128/A228130314546414261643325242825412631272721231Port Arthur West C28/A128/A228
Hamshire C64/C654134334652393353633625252523302326272923251Hamshire C64/C654
SETRPC Port Arthur C6281 N27284546334059643325212625342429262719151SETRPC Port Arthur C628
SETRPC 40 Sabine Pass C640/C1654129293949422859603329252826282530282924231SETRPC 40 Sabine Pass C640/C1654
SETRPC Mauriceville 42 C642/C311/C6651 N43394366505867694230323840443229272820261SETRPC Mauriceville 42 C642/C311/C665
SETRPC 43 Jefferson Co Airport C643130NA4547395961653625252825432630282820211SETRPC 43 Jefferson Co Airport C643
Nederland High School C1035 132323936365456603323232623432428252317191Nederland High School C1035
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Austin Northwest C3/A3222464655604644454036303133NA383432313719252Austin Northwest C3/A322
Audubon C38150525051504946443932353440423534313721341Audubon C38
Fayette County C6012 N37374444364338383126283132343035293319232Fayette County C601
Dripping Springs School C6141 N51574849534944413833343636393534324023311Dripping Springs School C614
CAPCOG McKinney Roughs C6841 N44444154393939363228293232333028323520171CAPCOG McKinney Roughs C684
CAPCOG Lake Georgetown C6901 N54564157585445484133363843443633323627341CAPCOG Lake Georgetown C690
Gorzycki Middle School C16031 N53535266535249454136363640453736384224331Gorzycki Middle School C1603
Lockhart C16041 N42443750414140373228283034323229293819211Lockhart C1604
St. Edwards University C16051 N43444860394241363329293033343028283118231St. Edwards University C1605
CAPCOG San Marcos Staples Road C16751 N52524160495350434236373640434035334325291CAPCOG San Marcos Staples Road C1675
CAPCOG Hutto College Street C66021 N43454158454443393229283235323229293125241CAPCOG Hutto College Street C6602
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Houston East C1/G316236356159505239623522253036352830182020192Houston East C1/G316
Houston Aldine C8/AF108/X150 246436767629057954627293759494345262928272Houston Aldine C8/AF108/X150
Channelview C15/AH115 342405579567340673723252834372928232825203Channelview C15/AH115
Northwest Harris Co. C26/A110/X154247413959432057683526283851414346283325262Northwest Harris Co. C26/A110/X154
Hou.DeerPrk2 C35/235/1001/AFH139FP239140366559364342543724262833353232262627221Hou.DeerPrk2 C35/235/1001/AFH139FP239
Seabrook Friendship Park C45133344354313340473022242529302831262626231Seabrook Friendship Park C45
Houston Bayland Park C53/A146 139365543364235483223233133312929282423201Houston Bayland Park C53/A146
Conroe Relocated C78/A321172634660547175855229375668575246263525271Conroe Relocated C78/A321
Manvel Croix Park C84136275134263331403220232828302526262323181Manvel Croix Park C84
Clinton C403/C304/AH113 337316445384932453420222529312532222624193Clinton C403/C304/AH113
Houston North Wayside C405141346052516741633619212740333134192418201Houston North Wayside C405
Houston Monroe C406136305143303529443020232529292332242423181Houston Monroe C406
Lang C408245475551426943583525253439403036292919192Lang C408
Houston Croquet C409234315137323831422820222929292727263122192Houston Croquet C409
Houston Westhollow C410144344741334536453322252936412930322724201Houston Westhollow C410
Park Place C416139325449384434543621252932352836262624531Park Place C416
Baytown Wetlands Center C5521 N1818494822252732191314161919151614121281Baytown Wetlands Center C552
Crosby Library C5531 N50545097667446594328293752463629222528201Crosby Library C553
Tom Bass C5581 N33244332253330382819222423282023201816151Tom Bass C558
Katy Park C5591 N30283432303935382217202432262323232317151Katy Park C559
Atascocita C5601 N48414587557245753417193052363429881191Atascocita C560
Meyer Park C5611 N38302839336037632617202433312429141511171Meyer Park C561
Bunker Hill Village C5621 N35344138304231412820202530322226221815131Bunker Hill Village C562
HRM-3 Haden Road C603/A114 1 N39356057505642613022232735403031222725211HRM-3 Haden Road C603/A114
Wallisville Road C617 1 N39445685706447554127253037362928252629201Wallisville Road C617
Danciger C618 1 N31253931192425262518222422252127241818191Danciger C618
Texas City 34th St. C620 1 N30283747212631412823262725272631282628221Texas City 34th St. C620
UH Moody Tower C6951 N44366253425037573823273136382937262927221UH Moody Tower C695
UH WG Jones Forest C6981 N65504364557775904827364772495451243825291UH WG Jones Forest C698
UH West Liberty C6991 N48473887535644493928293646393225182121151UH West Liberty C699
Lynchburg Ferry C1015/A165 139386281515240473021NANA24382929252726211Lynchburg Ferry C1015/A165
Lake Jackson C1016 132273032202429282622262626262632312428231Lake Jackson C1016
Baytown Garth C1017140455586726348554127263239373029272829221Baytown Garth C1017
Galveston 99th St. C1034/A320/X183131282734182631412726272929292830283229251Galveston 99th St. C1034/A320/X183
Oyster Creek C1607 1 N27252531202527302622262525262428242425241Oyster Creek C1607
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
San Antonio
San Antonio Northwest C23247505860525647383533353941393937374123342San Antonio Northwest C23
Camp Bullis C58 1525759706463514341343740444343NANANANA341Camp Bullis C58
Calaveras Lake C59144464748425041373330313637343734323722301Calaveras Lake C59
Elm Creek Elementary C5011 N45495354434742353233343337363534414323321Elm Creek Elementary C501
Fair Oaks Ranch C5021 N52545167616450433933363542394038323718321Fair Oaks Ranch C502
Bulverde Elementary C5031 N56575063656245424533373741423835343919351Bulverde Elementary C503
New Braunfels Airport C5041 N46464149394338343429303132323530293823301New Braunfels Airport C504
City of Garden Ridge C5051 N45464754564740373928283333323730333623271City of Garden Ridge C505
Seguin Outdoor Learning Center C5061 N45454150404540353430303133333229303525251Seguin Outdoor Learning Center C506
Heritage Middle School C6221 N43444346394942373128293434323533293420291Heritage Middle School C622
CPS Pecan Valley C6781 N42454154524942353329293434333531353322301CPS Pecan Valley C678
Government Canyon C16101 N47505855455545383133343236343734373822321Government Canyon C1610
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Corpus Christi-Victoria
Corpus Christi West C4224262319222221202120242328242624222226302Corpus Christi West C4
Corpus Christi Tuloso C21125272528252423222221252326233024272324301Corpus Christi Tuloso C21
Victoria C87133314030252928302622252527272627272725291Victoria C87
Violet C6641 N262123222517NANANANANANANANANANANANANANA1Violet C664
Ingleside C6851 N25252420242323202122252427252625262226331Ingleside C685
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Lower Rio Grande Valley
Mission C43/AP143129332927313234262623232528273328343231291Mission C43/AP143
Harlingen Teege C1023133303228273133282524262826253630273124321Harlingen Teege C1023
AreaMonitoring SitePOCJune 2018POCMonitoring Site
Laredo Vidaurri C44/AFGP144/P244146463738414337332827283027293534293132251Laredo Vidaurri C44/AFGP144/P244
NA - Data not available.
 N - Data from this instrument does not meet EPA quality assurance criteria and cannot be used for regulatory purposes.

Interpreting the AQI

Air Quality Index

Each NAAQS pollutant has a separate AQI scale, with an AQI rating of 100 corresponding to the concentration of the Federal Standard for that pollutant. Additional information about the AQI and how it can be used is available from the EPA's AirNow web site.

Place your mouse pointer over the scale displayed above to view information about the Air Quality Index, and each of the rating levels.

The actual index calculation is different for each parameter measured and is specified by the EPA. The following table shows the various breakpoints used in calculating the AQI.

AQI Breakpoint Definitions
AQI Range 1hr Ozone
in ppm
8hr Ozone
in ppm
0 - 50 Not Defined 0 - 0.054
51 - 100 Not Defined 0.055 - 0.070
101 - 150 0.125 - 0.164 0.071 - 0.085
151 - 200 0.165 - 0.204 0.086 - 0.105
201 - 300 0.205 - 0.404 0.106 - 0.200
301 - 400 0.405 - 0.504 Not Defined
401 - 500 Not Defined Not Defined
500+ Not Defined Not Defined
  • The AQI for ozone is based on either the peak eight-hour running average since midnight OR the peak one-hour measurement since midnight.

PLEASE NOTE:  This data has not been verified by the TCEQ and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff. Data is collected from TCEQ ambient monitoring sites and may include data collected by other outside agencies. This data is updated hourly. All times shown are in local standard time unless otherwise indicated.

Following EPA reporting guidelines, negative values may be displayed in our hourly criteria air quality data, down to the negative of the EPA listed Method Detection Limit (MDL) for the particular instrument that made the measurements. The reported concentrations can be negative due to zero drift in the electronic instrument output, data logger channel, or calibration adjustments to the data. Prior to 1/1/2013, slightly negative values were automatically set to zero.