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USGS Medina Rv nr Macdona C711 Data by Site by Date (all parameters)

There is no data available at USGS Medina Rv nr Macdona C711 for Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

This monitoring site was brought onto the TCEQ real-time data collection system on Wednesday, October 20, 2004 and is currently active.

Please select a date from October 20, 2004 to August, 12, 2020. Click on the Generate Report button when you are through.

If you have selected a date within the range above, and there is still no data available, there is a possibility that communications with the monitoring site are temporarily down. When communications are restored, the data will become available. While rare, it is possible that no data has been collected for the date you selected. This only occurs if there is a power outage or other serious problem at the monitoring site.

Month:Day:Year:Time Format:
Green underline for validated data

PLEASE NOTE:  This data has not been verified by the TCEQ and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff.