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Tables Related to Air Permitting (Tables 14-19)

These tables are designed to assist applicants by providing specific information. The tables are related to: Absorbers, Adsorbers, Particulate Dust Collectors, Rock Crushers, Spray Booths, and In-line Filters.

These tables are related to filing air permits applications, and they are designed to assist the applicant with data needed for an accurate application. All of the tables are labeled with a Table-number, and a title. If you do not know the table number that you need, read each title to help you decide which table will best assist you.

  • Absorbers - Table 14 (TCEQ Form - 10182) PDF or Word
  • Adsorbers - Table 15 (TCEQ Form - 10183) PDF or Word
  • Simplified Data Sheet for Particulate Dust Collector - Table 16 (TCEQ Form - 10184) PDF or Word
  • Rock Crushers - Table 17 (TCEQ Form - 10185) PDF or Word
  • Spray Booths - Table 18 (TCEQ Form - 10186) - Archived May, 2016
  • In-Line Filter - Table 19 (TCEQ Form - 10187) - Archived May, 2016

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