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Tables Related to Air Permitting (Tables 27-32)

These tables are designed to assist applicants by providing specific information. The tables are related to: Abrasive Blast Cleaning, Reciprocating Engines, Certification of Estimated Capital Cost and Permit Application Fee, Estimated Emissions and Fee Certification for Permit Renewals, Combustion Turbines, and Screen Models.

  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning - Table 27 TCEQ Form-10194 - Archived May, 2016
  • Reciprocating Engines - Table 29 TCEQ Form-10195 PDF
  • Estimated Emissions and Fee Certification for Permit Renewals - Table 30-R TCEQ Form-20065 has been moved to the Form PI-1 General Application.
  • Combustion Turbines - Table 31 TCEQ Form-10197 PDF or Word
  • Screen Model Data - Table 32 TCEQ Form-10198 PDF or Word

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