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Announcements for Title V Operating Permits

Announcements of meetings, regulatory changes, and other significant information from the Air Permits Division. List includes all announcements for approximately the last five years.

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NEW March 1, 2024: Title V Federal Operating Permit STEERS Submissions

On January 1, 2023, the Air Permits Division (APD) began requiring all Title V federal operating permit applications be submitted through Title V STEERS. For an application to be considered submitted and to begin processing, it must be submitted using the Title V module in ePermits. Any application sent in via another method will not be logged for processing, will not receive an application shield and revision changes cannot be operated.

For convenience, see the Where to Submit FOP Applications and Permit-Related Documents webpage for a link to the Title V STEERS Guidance document and a link to STEERS.

November 4, 2022: Title V Operating Permit Applications Accepted in STEERs

The Air Permits Division has added Title V Federal Operating Permit (FOP) project submission capabilities to the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). In addition, all OP-Notify projects will be processed through STEERS with same day acknowledgement. Beginning January 1, 2023, all FOP application submissions are required to be submitted through STEERS. For all submittals through STEERS, the Responsible Official (RO) or Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) will submit and certify the Title V project without submitting a separate OP-CRO1 certification form. Any application updates can be submitted and certified through STEERS by the RO/DAR or updates can be emailed by the technical contact/consultant which will require a follow up certification with an OP-CRO1 form through STEERS or hard copy.

May 6, 2022: Revision to the Title V PBR Programmatic Approach

TCEQ is revising the permit by rule (PBR) programmatic approach to Title V permits to further clarify the PBR monitoring requirements. Beginning August 1, 2022, all site operating permit (SOP) and general operating permit (GOP) applications for initial and renewal projects, and revisions with PBR updates will be required to include the revised Permits by Rule Supplemental Table ( Form OP-PBRSUP). If you have questions, please contact the Air Permits Division at (512) 239-1250.

May 14, 2021: New Public Notice Email Box

The Office of Chief Clerk has created a dedicated email box for applicants and their representatives to submit public notice documents. The email address is Applicants may submit their proofs of publication, affidavits of publication, and verification forms by email, by regular mail, or by hand delivery. Please note, it is not necessary for an applicant to send the documents via email and then also send original documents by another method. All notice documents submitted to the OCC should be emailed to or mailed to: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Office of the Chief Clerk, MC-105, Attn: Notice Team, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087.

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