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Air PBRs of Subchapter L

Air permits by rule for equipment, facilities, or operations related to feed, fiber, and fertilizer.

Topics Under this Category

Air PBR 106.281: Feed Milling
Modifications to feed milling facilities are permitted by rule if the modifications meet the conditions stated in 30 TAC Section 106.281 and the facility meets the general conditions in 30 TAC Section 106.4. No registration or fee is required. Record-keeping requirements are discussed.
Air PBR 106.283: Grain Handling, Storage, and Drying
Noncommercial facilities for the handling, storage, and drying of grain are permitted by rule if they meet the conditions stated in 30 TAC Sections 106.4 and 106.283. In some cases, this PBR must be claimed before construction begins. Links to relevant forms and rules.
Air PBR 106.301: Aqueous Fertilizer Storage
All aqueous fertilizer storage tanks are permitted by rule under 30 TAC Section 106.301. No registration or record keeping is required.