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Air PBR 106.492: Flares

Smokeless gas flares that meet the conditions of 30 TAC Sections 106.492 and 106.4 are permitted by rule. Links to relevant forms, guidance, and rules.

Smokeless gas flares that meet the specific conditions of Title 30, Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC), Section 106.492Exit the TCEQ and are located in a facility that meets the general conditions of 30 TAC Section 106.4Exit the TCEQ are permitted by rule.

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Under 30 TAC Section 106.8Exit the TCEQ, your records must identify the rules under which your facility is operating and demonstrate compliance for a rolling 12-month period. Be sure you keep at least these records:

These records must be kept on site and readily available on request for inspection by the TCEQ or any air pollution control program that has jurisdiction. If you have questions about the type of records you should keep, contact the Air Program in the application/pdfTCEQ regional office that serves your county.

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