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Business Types - O

Look up your type of business (Index O) to see what permits, licenses, registrations or other authorizations you may need from the TCEQ.

Occupational Therapy. See Physical Therapy

Oil and Gas
Air Permits
Air Permits by Rule 512-239-1250
Cathodic Protection
Contaminated Soil Disposal 512-239-2335
Core Test Holes
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Regulations: Oil and Gas Wells
Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations Registration 512-239-2160
Seismic Shotholes
Surface Casing administeredby the Railroad Commission of Texas:
Water Supply:
Water Well Conversion

Oil and Gas Drilling administered by the Texas Railroad Commission
RRC Oil and Gas Drilling ProgramExit the TCEQ

Medical Waste Regulations:
Water Supply:

Organic Food. See Agriculture

Ostrich/Emu Farm
Agriculture Wastewater Regulations 512-239-4671
Air Permits 512-239-1250
Air Permits by Rule 512-239-1250
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Regulations: Petroleum Storage Tank Registration 512-239-2160
Water Supply:

Outpatient Care. See Hospital - Medical/Health Clinic